Contacts for Computer Centre


Chairman Malcolm Laws
Home 01233 756619
malcolm @
General PC repairs/recovery/Upgrade, Virus removal. Office Products.
SQL server, SSRS, Networking, Crystal Reports.
Google Nexus Pad and Android phones, Windows phones.
Delphi, Visual Basic.Windows XP,7 ,8 and 10
Secretary Viv Foulds  Basic help with use of a PC, the Internet, word processing,
spreadsheets and Family History
Treasurer David Austin
Booking Clerk and tutor Carol Hulm 

Contact No 07990 574214

Getting Started including some basic computer problems.
All versions of Windows including Windows 8 and Folder management
All Microsoft applications except Access Databases
Internet, Email, E-Bay, Skype
Getting started on Notebooks except IPad
Some Mobile phone problems
Getting pictures from phones/cameras onto the PC
Equipment Coordinator Ruth Haggie


 Good with Word, preparing documents/flyers/posters etc.
Funding Richard King