Egerton Fibre Broadband Campaign

We are trying to get superfast fibre broad band put into the village

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Latest update below

1. we do not have sufficient numbers signed up for the scheme; 2. we are waiting for the new funding schemes to be announced, but funding should be available to cover the costs of the project; 3. on advice from Openreach, the project will now cover the whole of the village (not just the outskirts); 4. the Parish Council is fully onboard supporting this project; and 5. we need more people to sign up. Can you help us? 
In more detail: 
Unfortunately we do not have sufficient recruits to make our current scheme viable.  The current number is 47, but we needed 60 as an absolute minimum. 
In any event, many applications for broadband were made before ours, so we have not been successful in obtaining funding during this current funding cycle. However, more funding will be made available by the Government, but only for more rural areas.  I am pleased to say that we should be eligible for this new funding!  This is good news.  
I have spoken to our contact at Openreach and at Kent County Council, for their advice.  They tell me that the rules of the new funding schemes should be announced shortly. So we need to get our ducks in a row, and make sure we are at the front of the queue! 
Originally our application only included the west and south outer edges of the village. I understand that this is a relatively expensive project as there are relatively few houses in a large geographical area. Tim at Openreach has advised us to expand our project to the whole of the village, as the costs per premises are likely to be reduced.  This is a superb opportunity for us to make an invaluable infrastructure improvement to our village, and future proof us against changes to the current broadband system.  So i think we should follow this advice. 
I had a great meeting with John Lawton and Richard King at the Parish Council.  They wholeheartedly support this project and are very much actively involved in progressing matters.  We have devised a plan to get more recruits.  We would love to have a representative from each part of the village to help gather these recruits.  If you are able to devote a little time to help support this project, please get in touch. 
I look forward to hearing from you! If you do have have queries in the meantime, please get in touch. 
Best wishes.