Egerton Fibre Project

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Welcome to the homepage for the Egerton Fibre Project!

If your phone number begins with a 756, then you can be included in our project to bring fibre broadband to our village.  

As a rural community we have been given the fabulous opportunity to upgrade our broadband provision to super fast and reliable Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), and for FREE! This is a great opportunity, but will not be available forever, as funds are limited. 

The Egerton Fibre Project is supported by Egerton Parish Council.  John Lawton, on behalf of the PC and as a project lead, says:

“The Parish Council is committed to supporting and working with the Egerton Fibre Project to improve broadband connections for everyone in the village.

This is an important initiative to ensure that Egerton has the best communications infrastructure possible for our numerous businesses and increasing use of the internet for leisure, education and communication.

We would encourage everyone to support this and sign up.”

Our scheme has been given the go ahead by Openreach, however, for it to be financially viable we need more homes and businesses to sign up.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q – What is fibre broadband?

A. Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) is a direct fibre connection from your premises to the local BT cabinet. It is the most reliable broadband connection available.

Currently our broadband is connected from the cabinet to our homes by a copper wire. The copper deteriorates over time and affects download speeds/reliability.  This is due to be phased out shortly, in favour of FTTP.

Neighbouring villages such as Pluckley and Smarden are also applying to instal FTTP. 

Q.   What are the benefits of FTTP?

A.    Installing FTTP broadband should:

·        massively improve download speeds, connectivity and reliability;

·       add value to our homes and improve saleability.  It is one of the most asked questions for prospective buyers;

·      future proof your broadband connection, as existing arrangements are due to be phased out.

As a rural community it will ensure that all members of our village have access to great broadband, and safeguard our future prosperity in an ever increasing digital world. 

Q.    How much will this cost?

A.    Nothing. The Government is offering funding under its strategy Project Gigabit, and the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme to cover the cost of installation of FTTP. Homes and SME businesses are entitled to funding. 

Pluckley has signed up over 300 residents to their project.  The Government’s funding will entirely cover their infrastructure costs. 

More details about the voucher scheme are shown here: www.    

In order to proceed with our project we need to submit our application to Openreach ASAP.   

To register your interest please email us at or on 07786331007.