Short Mat Bowls



In 1989 the Egerton Junior Youth Club finished and the games barn became unused, there being no other activity needing it at the time.

The Games Barn Committee discussed what use the barn could be put to and committee member Kelvin Morris suggested Short Mat Bowls, as colleagues at his work belonged to such a club in Maidstone. He was able to gain information about short mat bowls from them and also borrow a mat and so Egerton Short Mat Bowls Club was formed.

Players were tough in those days; they were nearly all of working age and when they played on Monday evenings in the winter , there was no heating in the barn, so they had to play in their coats and gloves. After grants were obtained and boot fairs organised, sufficient money was raised to buy their own mat and at first two heaters. Later two more were obtained which were used up until the present heating system was installed.

We now have 18 members and 3 mats. We meet on Friday afternoons at 1.30pm to 4pm. There are some spare bowls available for any new person to try and see whether they would enjoy the game. They would be most welcome – no previous play is needed, as there is always someone ready to teach the rules.

We have a summer lunch and a winter dinner each year. The club is very friendly and social. If you are interested, please contact either Mike Yarwood (Chairman) on 01233 756387 or Margaret Morris (Secretary) on 01233 756384.