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Established in 2000 and showing its first film in January 2001, the Egerton Film Society is open to anyone over the age of sixteen. The current annual membership fee is £6, with concessions (£4) for pensioners and full-time students. Screenings are usually held on the last Thursday in the month (except July and August), with occasional special screenings and lectures at other times. A licensed bar is available at each performance. Our films are shown in the Egerton Millennium Hall using high-quality widescreen DVD video projection and Dolby EX 5.1 Surround Sound. Members, their guests, and members of the public can be admitted to the film screenings, subject to the discretion of the Committee. Admission to performances is usually priced at £4.00 for all members and £5.00 for guests/non-members. Season Tickets are available. Programmes are published and circulated to all members twice each year. All members who wish to do so receive e-mail reminders about the current month’s film.

The Society is run in association with the Egerton Computer Centre by a Committee which is elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in September. For membership applications enquiries, telephone Richard King on 01233 756592
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We always welcome new volunteers, to help with setting up the hall, manning the bar, putting up posters (particularly if you live somewhere other than Egerton) and assisting with clerical and technical duties. Thanks to everyone who helps with this already. Do, please, come along (and volunteer, if you can), for we really do need your help and support for the Egerton Film Society to continue to flourish. We look forward to seeing you.

Spring/Summer Programme 2024
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Thursday 22nd February 2024
7pm for 7:30pm
The Great Escaper (2023, rating 12A)
Please note the date: our usual “last Thursday of the month” slot at the Village Hall was not available!

Michael Caine | Glenda Jackson | Danielle Vitalis
A truly heartwarming and emotional film based on the 2014 true story of pensioner, Bernard Jordan, who, with the help of his wife, escaped from his care home in Hove, Sussex to attend the memorial event in France to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings. The film follows his adventure and his own emotional journey. As ever, Michael Caine plays the role with credibility and passion. Watch this with our D Day memorial film on 6th June in mind.
(96 mins. / 1 hr 36 mins)
Thursday 28th March 2024
7pm for 7:30pm
Empire of Light (2022, rating 15)

Olivia Coleman | Michael Ward | Colin Firth
Nominated for an Oscar and three BAFTAS, this is the story of Hilary, a cinema manager, and Stephen, her new employee. Hilary struggles with her mental health and Stephen longs to escape the daily battles of the provincial town where he lives. Through the music and community of the cinema, they find they can resolve their problems. Filmed on location at the Dreamland cinema in Margate, which operated from 1923 until 2007. It is now a listed building.
(115 mins. / 1 hr 55 mins)
Thursday 25th April 2024
7pm for 7:30pm
Luna: A Yak in the Classroom (2019, rating PG)

Sherab Dorji | Ugben Norbu Lhendup | Kelden Llamo Gurung
With humour and wonderful scenery, this film tells the uplifting (literally) story of Ugyen, a trainee teacher in modern Bhutan, who is sent to the most remote school in the world at Lunana, a Himalayan village. With no electricity, no textbooks, no blackboard, he faces an uphill struggle to educate his young charges. Through the warmth and support of the villagers, as he teaches the children, he himself begins to learn about his own strength and spiritual peace in the midst of the poverty and harsh environment of the village. The film was nominated for an Oscar and won 20 other awards at film festivals globally.
(110 mins. / 1 hr 50 mins)
Thursday 23rd May 2024
7pm for 7:30pm
North by Northwest (1959, rating A)

Cary Grant | Eva Marie Saint | James Mason
We all love it. We can all quote from it. It’s no surprise that this film was nominated for three Oscars and winner of 7 other awards for both Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock. A thoroughly enjoyable Hitchcock plot of spies and confusion beautifully exploited by Grant with his famous relaxed style. When businessman, Roger Thornhill, is the victim of an identity mix up, he is thrown into the twists of international espionage. Becoming a target himself and with no one listening to him, he ends up on the run from the police, until he meets the beautiful Eve Kendall. Although she helps him, Eve is not what she seems. It all ends in a dramatic climb atop Mount Rushmore, but of course, you know all this already. Come and share the excitement with other fans of Grant and Hitchcock for a classic film evening.
(136 mins. / 2 hr 16 mins)
Thursday 6th June 2024
7pm for 7:30pm
D-Day 6.6.44 (2004, rating 15)
Special Event

Told through gripping eyewitness testimony, this docudrama depicts the 24 hours which turned the tide of war.
If the Germans come we are either going to be captured or die on the beach, but we might as well take the Germans with us’ Robert Edlin, 2nd Ranger Battalion on Omaha Beach. 6 .6.44. The combined might of the British, American and Canadian forces is preparing to launch one of the most audacious invasions in history. Nearly 175,000 Allied troops will storm the beaches of Normandy. By the time the sun sets, the sand will be red with blood. But behind the battle scenes was a brutal power contest between Hitler and his generals. As the first British paratroopers land on French soil, the Berlin war-rooms reach a critical juncture – one which could make or break an Allied victory.
(120 mins. / 2 hrs )
Thursday 27th June 2024
7pm for 7:30pm
The Duke (2020, rating 12A)

Jim Broadbent | Helen Mirren | Heather Craney
In 1961, the story broke of the theft of Goya’s portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. No one thought for a moment the thief could be 60-year-old Kempton Bunton until he delivered ransom notes requiring the government invest more in care for the elderly. His story, the motivation, the court case and the saving of his marriage, all combine to produce an uplifting tale about a man determined to do something good to make a troubled world better. A quintessentially British true story.
(95 mins. / 1 hr 35 mins )