Egerton WI's historic tapestry
Egerton WI’s historic tapestry
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      Activities for 2019


Members regularly have outings to the theatre, shopping trips and organised tours of London and other landmarks. They often have fund-raising events, which all can enjoy. This year their ever-popular Plant and Cake sale is schduled for Saturday 11 May 2019 in the Egerton Sports Pavilion.

During the year we attend one-day schools in gardening, crafts and painting.  A group of members meet twice a month to play table tennis.


We meet on the first Wednesday in the month at 7.30pm in Egerton Village Hall.

Come as a visitor first and learn more about us.

PRESIDENT: Ruth Shrubb – Tel: 01233 756108

VICE-PRESIDENTS: Jenny Oliver & Liz Wyndham

 HON. SECRETARY: Jackie Parry


STALL HOLDERS: Alison Cale, Pat Parr, Rosemarie Pomeroy

 Other Members of the Committee:  Pat Cowell, Diane Dickens, Priscilla Harper, Shirley Missing, Gale King

Publicity & Communications: Jenny Oliver jennyvoliver@gmail.com

 They will all be happy to give you more details.

Programme for 2019

2 January: The story behind the story of ‘Bertha, the Swiss trader’s daughter’, presented by the author Eleni Tratoris Cotton
Exhibition: Your oldest book

6 February: Mercy Ships, presented by Gehad Homsey
Competition: A photograph of a sunset

6 March: How Chocolate is made, presented by Katie Bewshear. Includes a demo and tasting!
Competition: Homemade fudge

3 April: St Clements Clog Dancers – a demonstration
Competition: A limerick on a dance theme

1 May: National Federation of WI’s Resolutions – presentation and discussion. Followed by programme planning for 2020, via round-table discussions.
Exhibition: Your oldest coin

5 June: Flowers & flower-arranging, with demo, presented by Anna Evans
Competition: The best bloom in your garden

3 July: The jewels and wardrobe of the Duchess of Windsor, presented by Janie Ramsay
Competition: A picture in any medium

7 August: A journey in mental health with textiles as a companion, presented by Louise Jessup
Competition: A handmade garment – knitted or sewn

4 September: Eva Braun – victim or contriver? Presented by Melanie Gibson-Barton
Competition: A slice of bread pudding

2 October: The story behind bags and hats from Madagascar, presented by Jane Muddle
Competition: A creature made from fruit or vegetable

Exhibition: Copper- or brassware

4 December: Christmas Social
Competition: a floating table decoration

Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Egerton Millennium Hall.
Monthly business is dealt with first, then the presentation/talk, followed by refreshments when a trading stall is held. Members are encouraged to bring anything for sale at this stall. 10% is kept for Institute funds, the rest goes to the members.

Annual subscription (which was due in January 2019): £42

Refreshment time at the WI monthly meeting: ready for the off! (Lines of cups and plates of edibles)
Refreshment time at the WI monthly meeting: ready for the off!